European Robotics Forum (ERF) 2017
22-24 Mar 2017 Edinburgh (United Kingdom)


Tentative Agenda

Introduction by Organizers

Industry: What can it offer, where are technical barriers for Innovation? (Total 20 minutes)

  • Dr. Amit Kumar Pandey, SoftBank Robotics Europe (on various real deployments of social robots and lesson learned)
    • "Social Robots Becoming commonplace, some use cases and the barriers"
  • Dr. John Erland Østergaard, Blue Ocean Robotics (on challenges of social robot deployment)
    • "Experiences and challenges of selling, introducing, evaluating and securing social robots in public institutions"

Academics: How R&D can/is identifying/breaking barriers? (Total 20 minutes)

  • Dr. Satomi Sugiyama, Franklin University, Switzerland (on Public perception of social robots)
    • "Social Consumer Robot in Japanese everyday life: An exploration of the public perception via social media analysis" 
  • Prof. Dr. Friederike Eyssel, Bielefeld University, Germany (on User perception of social robots)
    • "Overcoming psychological barriers in HRI"

End User: What are the real scoietal needs and where are the gaps in technology and R&D?  (10 minutes)

  • Mr. Alberto Sanna, Center for Advanced Technologies in Health and Wellbeing, Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan, Italy (on End user needs of Social Robots)
    • "Service robotics potentials and needs in socio-technological ecosystems"

Policy Maker: What are the expectation from Industry-Academia-End User eco system? (10 minutes)

  • Dr Anne Bajart, Head of Sector, European Commission, Robotics and AI (on agenda and expectation of EC about Robotics and its impact)
    • "Robotics in Europe: development and impact"

Audience Opinion: What is interesting, more important, prioritiazation and what to do next? Groups Brainstorming, Panel Discussion and Networking Session (30 Minutes)

  • Group Discussion (3 Parallel Groups)

  • Panel Discussion with Group Leader and audience participation.

  • Discussion on input for MAR and SPARC/H2020

  • Invitation and Networking to join euRobotics TGs

Concluding remarks and closing of the workshop

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